Dawn’s Danes Contract

Below are two versions of Dawn’s Danes Contract.  The first one is a fillable Microsoft Word file and the second one is a Printable PDF.

You may download either one and fill it out and present it to Dawn at the time of sale, or you may download the fillable Word Doc, type in your answers and then email it to Dawn at [email protected].

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1565 E. Briar St.
Springfield MO. 6580

This two-page contract has been entered into on ____________ between Crystal Scates, hereafter called the seller, and ___________ hereafter called the buyer.

Description of dog breed: Great Dane

Registration Type: Limited
Whelp Date:
AKC Number:

It is understood that this puppy is being sold on limited registration and as a pet only. Breeding rights have not been given by the breeder or the American kennel club. If it is ever found that this puppy has been used for breeding on purpose or by accident you agree to pay the breeder $1000 per puppy produced.

This puppy is guaranteed for two years to be free from any life altering genetic disease. Should it be found that this puppy has a genetic disease the seller must be notified within twenty-four hours. If proof in writing is shown from two certified veterinarians that this puppy does indeed have a life altering disease that is genetic in nature. The seller agrees to do one of the following exchange the puppy with another of its equal value or pay for medical treatment (up to but never exceeding the purchase price of the puppy). If the puppy cannot be saved the seller will replace the puppy with a puppy from a future breeding of equal value.

1. I / we agree to give proper care emotionally, physically, and nutritionally as well as keeping all medical care up to date including (shots, heart worm, and flea and tick control).

2. I / we agree to raise and train this great dane to become an obedient member of the household (basic obedience training is strongly recommended by the seller).

3. I / we agree that this is to be an indoor dog. This means that it will spend the majority of its time in the house with its family. It is never to be tied/ chained up, or caged outside. The buyer agrees that if there is ever a time when the dog is kept as an outside dog the seller has the right to repossess the dog immediately. (no monies reimbursed)

4. I / we agree not to register this dog with any registry other that the AKC (American kennel club)

5. I / we agree to keep this dog for its entire life. This dog is never to be sold, transferred, traded, given away, or surrendered to anyone without written consent from the seller. If for any reason the buyer cannot keep this dog and an approved home cannot be found it is to be returned to the breeder immediately.  If the dog is to be returned to the seller the buyer is responsible for any shipping costs and agrees to return all AKC paperwork with the dog.  If it is ever found that any of the above has taken place without the sellers written permission the seller has the right to remove the dog from its current location. If the dog cannot be recovered the buyer agrees to pay the seller $5000

6. I / we agree to provide an update and photo of this dog to the seller at 6 months of age, once per year, and upon request.

7. I / we agree that this is a legally binding contract. By entering into it both parties agree to it in its entirety. If any part of it is breached the seller has the right to take immediate possession of the dog with no reimbursement of any money. If the seller has to repossess this dog for any reason the buyer agrees to turn over AKC registration to the seller.

8. I/ we have read and fully understood this 2-page contract. By signing it I/ we agree to all of it’s terms and conditions. It is agreed that the sale of this puppy took place in Springfield MO. and any necessary legal proceedings involving this dog or contract shall take place there.


Crystal Scates
1565 E. Briar St.
Springfield, MO. 65804


Buyer Signature: ______ Date: ______

Seller Signature: ______ Date: ______